Weekend Vacation

24/03/2014 10:40
I leave this weekend with my girlfriend Katie and I am really looking forward to it . His family owns a cabin which is about two hours as we go. I've never been there before , but from what she told me , it is very nice. It is fully furnished and has heat and plumbing and everything you could ask for. I think the thing I am really looking forward to is that there is no internet access there. She told me that even our cell phones do not work which is nice but a little scary as if it was an emergency. I think that's the only downside of it but I 'm not going to worry about it. I'm sure we'll be fine , but I 'd be worried if something were to happen to my parents. I said worst case, they can call their parents and they can pick us up.
As for what we'll do involves a lot of rest and relaxation . I pick up a book that I'll probably read from beginning to end . There is a barbecue where I intend to use too much. She told me in the small town near the cabin there is a butcher shop that sells really good meat that we'll stop for you.
I am ready to leave mainly because of my work. It was super stressful lately and it starts to wear me down. I really hope things turn around soon because otherwise I might have to start looking for something else. I'm tired of working 60-70 hours per week. I am an employee , so I do not do anything extra for that time either . I think it 's so stupid but I knew when I accepted the position. The thing is, I was told there would be a few days where I had to stay late. I know complaining about my job is not what you probably want to hear that I 'll stop.
Anyway , I'll take our camera too and will do a lot of pictures . I'll do another post when we get back and after some, but not like me when it will be exactly . I know it will not be on Sunday evening and how the work will he might have to wait until next weekend.