Work Stuff

24/03/2014 15:14
I really like my new job so far. I went a little over a month and I 'm finally getting into the swing of things as far as what is expected of me. I do not mean I work for or exactly what I do , but I will say that I am in the sale. My position also required a lot of travel which is different for me. I 'm not used to "live in a suitcase but I 'll get used to . An average week to see me away from home 3-4 days depending on what happens . The only thing I'm not too fond of all the miles is that I'll put on my car. I'll use it as motivation to do well, I can afford another one with lower miles . I still have plenty of life left in my current car , so it is not a big deal.
One thing I 'm still getting used to is using the WiFi in the different hotels I stay . I used before of course, but not to the extent where I am now . I soon realized that not all hotels have a real secure connection that made me start looking for something that could help me in this regard. I found the best VPN for China and I signed up with them. Now I do not have to worry about anything when I am using WiFi.
I have to thank my friend Nick to hire me . We were both on the job (it is unfortunately still ) and tell each other good jobs that we saw during our research. He is the one who told me about this position and I'm really glad he told me . It is not the type of seller so he had no interest in pursuing it . I keep control of my old sites from time to time when I 'm home and I sent him some job to check. None of them worked for him , but I'll keep trying. I knew how long it took me to find and even then it was someone else who has found me. The problem is there are so many people on the work they get so much interest that they can choose the best of the best to work for them.